GSM Call VoIP Benefits

All features are included at a price that’s Half of what AT & T Charge For Basic Line

Cost Savings

Unlike a traditional phone system, GSM Call requires no on-site PBX hardware. Your VoIP service is handled by our redundant enterprise servers from remote. In addition to the profound upfront cost savings this presents, hosted VoIP technology enables your phone system to be completely scalable. You can add or remove phones on your system at any time, so you’re sure to only ever pay for what you use.

Call Quality

GSM Call PBX services uses industry standardized call-handling architecture developed over the past 10 years that has been repeatedly refined to cut out jitter, echoes, and the other disruptions you may experience with other VoIP providers. We accept nothing less than the best when it comes to the clarity of your business calls.


A VoIP PBX from GSM Call PBX Services can help you unite your remote offices and telecommuters with your central office by integrating all locations into a single manageable phone network with detailed call reports. Employees can place, receive, and transfer calls from any location as though they were in the same office. With a Hosted PBX, it doesn’t matter if an employee is in the next cubicle, next building over, another state or even another country. Connecting your employees into one homogeneous unit is completely transparent.

Disaster Recovery

Local power grid outages, equipment failure, and natural disasters can all knock out a PBX system. At GSM Call PBX Services, we’re dedicated to making sure your service remains uninterrupted by hosting your VoIP service with high performance, redundant servers housed in a state-of-the-art co-location facility. Even if access to your office is compromised, your VoIP service remains operational and calls can be instantly re-routed to mobile phones or any other location you desire.

White Glove Service

With most other PBX providers they install it and leave it to you to run your phone switch. With GSM Call PBX Services you get our White Glove Service. This means that you have your very own personal service representative that will monitor and make any changes to your system that you request. Just call or e-mail your personal service rep and ask them to change your PBX any way you desire. All of this is standard and available to you at no additional charge. Let us handle your chore business while you focus on your core business.

Why Use Hosted VoIP:

1) Lower Total Cost of Ownership
2) Minimial IT Support Required
3) Business Continuity
4) More Functionality
5) Automatic Upgrades
6) Productivity Anywhere
7) Focus on What Matters

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