GSM Call Hosted PBX

Cloud Computing That Is Better,Simpler and more affordable

With a traditional business phone system, you must spend upwards of $10K for a good phone switch, have a closet full of equipment and then deal with support, maintenance contracts, and expansion issues. With the new cloud based hosted PBX from GSM Call , these issues are a thing of the past. With our cloud based hosted solution you get all of the benefits and none of the negatives of going with a High End VoIP solution:

Unlimited extensions

(no license to deal with)

We maintain the equipment

We host the software. We make the upgrades.

No contract

Why should anyone be tied to a contract? If you perform, you should be rewarded with the business, if not, the customer should go elsewhere. A large percentage of our new installs are based by referrals from our existing customers


Remote offices or a work from home office will look and feel the same as the office beside you, and not your fellow employee or customer would know the difference or where you are located.

Seamless operation

To your customers, it’s business as usual. Whether they’re talking to your main office, leaving a voice mail, being transferred across the country, or speaking to someone working from home, it all happens seamlessly.

Free Support

 Don’t get tied down to having employees learn a new system. With  GSM Call PBX Services you get your own customer support tech who will make any changes you require on your phone switch or answer any questions you might have allowing you to focus on what matters most to you – your core business – and leaving the detail work of your phone system to us.

Why Use Hosted VoIP:

1) Lower Total Cost of Ownership
2) Minimial IT Support Required
3) Business Continuity
4) More Functionality
5) Automatic Upgrades
6) Productivity Anywhere
7) Focus on What Matters

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Let us answer your questions and help your business operate on a pure digital network. With our hosted VoIP PBX phone service, you can be up and running in days. Complete the quick form and your personal service representative will contact you with a risk-free consultation to see what we can do for you. Ask about our free trial !